2019 in review

3 pictures from each month of my 2019

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As it comes to the end of the year, I see lots of people sharing their Spotify Wrapped and Instagram users posting their 9 most liked posts, I thought I'd use my site to share my year! I've tried to summarise my year in 36 pictures (3 for each month) comprised of photos I have taken, or have stolen from Naomi.


A frost covered hedge beside a muddy concrete path next to a road I walk home on. Two cars are on the road with their lights on, barely visible in the heavy fog.

wintery walks to work

Myself in a white jumper next to my girlfriend, Naomi. We are stood in a bar in York called Stone Roses, with posters of various bands lining the walls behind us.

at stone roses

The silhoutte of the trees and Heslington Church are in the foreground, while the background is a deep blue sky and light pink clouds, just before sunset.

brighter evenings


Myself and Naomi wrapped up in winter coats and scarves, stood in front of a snowy Clifford's tower

snowy clifford's tower

A photo of an ice sculpture heart outside of York Minster with crowds in the background looking at it.

york ice trail

Myself walking on the snowy path through a park in the middle of York.

snowy strolls


Myself and Naomi stood either side of a Llama (called Sid), that we walked. Somehow we're all smiling, stood in front of a wooden shed.

we walked sid!

Myself stood on top of the tallest hill in Adelaide, with a view of grasslands and Adelaids's central business district far in the background.

@adelaide, aus🇦🇺

The band, The Internet, performing on stage in Manchester in front of a sunflower background.

watching the internet


Myself and Naomi, in the sunlight with trees featuring bright spring leaves in the background.

pre easter lunch

Whitby and it's pier, taken from midway up the famous 199 steps to the Whitby abbey.

at whitby

Naomi stood in front of some beautiful pink spring flowers, with a bush flowering with bright white flowers behind her.

at the museum gardens


Naomi in her winters coat stood next to a banner that says, Roses are white, on the University of York campus.

roses are white

Myself and Naomi in the back of a taxi, covered in bright multi-coloured lights, posing awkwardly so that the taxi driver does not see us.

taxi disco

A series of succulents on our kitchen windowsill in the background with bright pink flowers in a tall yellow vase in the foreground.



My friend James, stood in front of a student project at the Interactive Media Showcase. James has his arm raised as he tried to use the motion controls to cook a meal as instructed by the game he is playing on screen.

im showcase

Myself stood on the top floor of the Design Museum in London, with a large display in the background (the height of the walls) displaying the word DESIGNER, with a geometric pattern surrounding it.

at the design museum

Myself and Naomi, wearing our sunglasses and stood around the side of the colosseum in Pula, Croatia.

in pula, croatia🇭🇷


Myself (dressed in a blue suit) and Naomi (in a pink dress) for her graduation, with a large umbrella covering us as we try to stay dry in the rain.

english summer

Myself (dressed in a blue suit) and Naomi (in a pink dress and graduation robes) in front of the University of York's Heslington Hall

naomi's graduation✨

Bright green bushes and trees inside the Royal Botancial Garden of Wales' massive indoor greenhouse. The ceiling is all glass, with arched metal beams dividing the glass.

botanical gardens


Myself, Naomi and my friends James and Siobhan sat around a table holding a variety of different coloured cocktails. This was taken after completing an escape room for my birthday. Asa result, we're wearing stickers that say, We excaped!

birthday escape drinks

Myself in a bright orange jacket, in front of a tropical lit up background at Junkyard Golf in Leeds. I look very focussed or determined. Either way, the look did not help my golf performance.

at junkyard golf⛳️

Myself and my brother, taken at a family wedding.

family wedding


Naomi with a big smile on her face, holding an ice cream, with a bright blue sky and some green Museum Garden trees as the backdrop.

late summer!

Naomi crouching down to pet a sausage dog wearing a pink tutu

sausage dog cafe

Typography expert Jason Pamental presenting a slide where he is relating typography properties to the physical features of his two dogs.

first web dev conf👨‍💻


The cieling of a restaurant in York covered in multi-coloured bunting, fairy lights and large industrial light bulbs.

celebratory meal

Naomi stood next to a shop window displaying a large lit up figure of a ghost for the York Ghost Hunt.

york ghost hunt👻

Naomi ready to tuck into some food, sat at the counter of Skosh, a restaurant in York.

our 4 year anniversary


A photo of St Helen's Square, York at nighttime. A christmas tree is to the left of the picture, lit up in gold and white lights, with the restaurant, The Ivy, to the right, also covered in white lights.

christmas market🎄

Myself and Naomi, smiling in the foreground, with the inside of a cathederal in Cambridge in the background.

in cambridge

Myself and CTO of SkillsForge, Jonathan Carr, holding our UXUK Award for Best Effect on Business Goals.

winning a uxuk award!


Naomi in the foreground, with a christmas tree, festive decorations amongst the traditional portraits and historic green walls of the Mansion House in York.

at mansion house

A picture of my laptop with the menu of Frog Detective 2 on the screen. The menu displays the frog detective, the title of the game, Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard and the option to start a new game highlighted.

frog detective 2!🐸

Myself with the University of York handball team, 13 of us in total, in two rows, smiling for the camera in front of one of the handball goals, following our 2nd game of the season.

2nd game of handball

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