Joe Lamyman's CV

User Experience Designer

Professional Experience

Development Specialist focusing in User Experience and Design

2018 - Present

SkillsForge, York

Working with multiple higher education institutions, helping to implement a revolutionary, award winning, student management system. Focusing on user experience through the development of a UX process at the company both in the UK and Australia. A large part of my role is designing easy to use products, balancing the understanding of user needs and technical challenges to create useful systems that can be delivered to universities across the world.

I have been leading the development of an accessible, theme-able design system to be used across all SkillsForge customers with the use of Nunjucks, Gulp and Sass. This project has seen me managing the project, communicating timelines and workloads with the team and mentoring an apprentice. Additionally, I chair monthly design planning and design review meetings and have a seat at the fortnightly company release planning meetings, at which I gather requirements for the design team and provide progress updates.

Graduate Teaching Assistant in Website Design


University of York

Provided teaching and assistance to 2nd year Interactive Media BSc students at the University of York. Given the differing skill levels of the class, I provided different examples and tailored the teaching for individuals, utilising my own time to stay and help people with their assessments.

Research Assistance


University of York

Working with the head of Interactive Media, Dr Jenna Ng. Researching independently and effectively organising materials to assist with research of a topic that would be used for an upcoming publication. Work was planned in and managed effectively by myself alongside my final year deadlines and the organising of the Interactive Media Showcase.

Technology and Operations Summer Intern


Santander, Leicester

Worked on a multi-million pound, UK wide, project. Organised reports and extrapolated data to communicate clear and informative messages to the project management team. Developed a new system for reporting IT issues within the project and oversaw the implementation of this method. Managed time in a pro-active way to learn as much as possible from the experience and learnt about different roles within the company.


Interactive Media (MSc by Research)

2019 - 2020

University of York

Thesis title: Personalising User Interfaces: Meeting the access needs of the individual

Inspired by results of successful accessibility testing of websites at SkillsForge, I discovered a passion for making accessible experiences. I completed my thesis over the course of a year, conducting a series of separate experiments: making an interactive toilet roll personalisation study, as well as a personalisable e-commerce website. I was awarded the degree without corrections, with examiners providing feedback such as: "A joy to read, and the most accessible presentation of a theses I've EVER seen. Needs to be used as a model for how it should be done".

Interactive Media (BSc) First Class Honours

2015 - 2018

University of York

  • User Experience Design - Practiced a wide array of design thinking methods and completed an exciting project with The Yorkshire Museum.
  • Web Application Design and Development - Created simple, elegant websites that facilitated great user experience and functionality.
  • The Digital Self - Furthered my understanding of humanities, learning about topics such as posthumanism and self-expression within digital cultures.

A Levels & GCSEs

2008 - 2015

Kings School Grantham

  • A Levels: Double Award ICT (AB), Mathematics (C), Computer Science (C), General Studies (B)
  • GCSEs: 2 A*s, 11 As, 1 B

Additional Experience

IM Showcase Lead Director

2017 - 2018


Directed and developed an innovative event, allowing Interactive Media students a platform to showcase work. I chaired the Interactive Media Showcase committee and would liaise with staff to ensure the progression and success of the event.

Digital City York



Volunteered for Digital City York, an initiative to get those between the ages of 6-10 into programming. Consisted of three hour long sessions where I helped teaching children the basics of Scratch.

CodeFirst: Girls


University of York

Volunteering where I taught a class of 27 women, 2 hours a week for 7 weeks. Two Interactive Media students and myself developed content for each week and taught flexible sessions based around the classes needs.

Programming Languages

Awards & Honours

Best Effect on Business Goals, UXUK Awards 2020

Awarded to the SkillsForge team for the UX Process and results evidenced across UK and Australian institutions.

Highly Commended York Culture Awards' Rising Star 2018

For my work in creating the Interactive Media Showcase, providing students with a platform to showcase their work and for engaging with the local industry.

Nominated for the Grads in Games Awards 2018 Student Award

For being an ambitious student that has demonstrated a real positive impact within their work and with their fellow students.

Bird & Co IT Scholar Award

Additional Certification


Passed the international Usability and UX Certification Board's Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level exam in my own time.


Community events

I enjoy learning from the diverse, wider community of similarly minded professionals in the industry and understanding the way they tackle problems within different contexts. I attend the Northern UX meetings and co-host the local York events.