Front End Development


As part of my day-to-day role, I spend a lot of time on Front End Development and making memorable experiences for end-users.

I am very confident in developing with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am able to make use of all three languages to make sites that invite the user to interact, are consistent throughout and look great.

I am currently working on designing websites with CSS Grid and Flexbox. The way that they transform web design is fantastic and actually quite liberating! I enjoy difficult front-end development tasks and trying to make new designs with new technologies.

I am also trying to understand how we can use design tokens and web components in order to fully realise the potential of design systems and the benefits that they can bring in terms of scalable usability and consistency.

During the course of my Interactive Media degree, I covered topics such as Information Architecture and its principles. I have covered web accessibility and looked at the issues that face people using the internet, observing that it is not acceptable to create a site that doesn’t cater to the needs of everyone. These topics can be easily missed by the people creating sites, but when used, they can make a world of difference to users and aid them in their use of sites.

I have also found that Front End Development and User Experience Design share a lot of skill sets. Often, I find myself designing wireframes for the sites that I plan on making, playing around with the designs and utilising different principles of visual design to create the most usable designs possible. This has led to me trying to create personas for the users of the site I plan on making, and using these personas to make the site tailored for my users.