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Mobile Interaction


Developed a mobile application for Android, using Android Studio and programming in Java for my Mobile Interaction module. I created a planning application that allowed people to focus on just their week ahead, to try and encourage users to not be so stressed about their workloads in the upcoming weeks.


For this piece, I tried to think about applications that I use most and the problems that I find when using them. I found that I commonly use the planning applications such as meal planners, calendar and tracking applications, but struggle to think about anything more than the week ahead.


I started by completing competitor analysis and reviewing some existing applications such as Apple’s Calendar application and a few others.

From this I found that an issue is displaying all of the information onto a small mobile screen and that different applications do this in a variety of ways with mixed results.

I decided that for my application, showing only the upcoming week would help me a lot, I would only have to display a week’s worth of information and could do this in a clear and concise list. I also decided to show the user’s next 3 tasks on the home screen with clear icons so that the user had a good idea of what they needed to focus on next.


I found development within Android Studio quite difficult. The layouts and IDE is not very clear and different parts of the layout would move around unexpectedly. However, I tried to stick to my designs as much as possible and created small work-arounds where needed.

As a result of user-testing, I decided to include Google Maps and Google Places API integration to allow users to save tasks with a location, selected through Google Places, so that users could set a destination for their tasks to take place.


Developing a mobile application differed a lot from previous software development that I have completed in the past. I found that it was key to think about the use of smartphones and mobile applications when designing my application.

User testing was also important with this project as without this I wouldn’t have thought to include the Google Places API which users found was important when planning tasks and events.