Joe Lamyman


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I am currently a final-year student at the University of York, studying Interactive Media (BSc). My passion for User Experience Design and Web Development is something that I've been able to actively work on this year.

The course has allowed me to work on a variety of projects from technical projects to humanities regarding the digital self and online culture. I believe that throughout the course I have developed myself into a well-rounded individual, with a solid understanding of programming, design and digital humanities.

During my third year, I've also had the chance to learn a variety of design methodologies and have been able to put them into practice, finding methods and approaches that work for myself. Another aspect I've enjoyed has been having the chance to work on both front and back end development. I particularly enjoyed the design process; wire framing and prototyping the site, making sure that it completely meets the user's needs before building it. I'd say one of the most important things I've learned over the course has been that you can never do too much testing, particularly with the user.


Football - I play in the defence for my college’s football team at University, working as a unit to win games. We became the first team in the College’s history to reach the College Cup final in 2016.
Calligraphy - One of my main interests is Calligraphy and I also enjoy looking at Logo Design. I enjoy looking at styles I haven't seen, trying to replicate them and understand how they're formed.
Reading - I enjoy reading around my current topics for my Interactive Media and Society module. Most recently I’ve enjoyed reading Trebor Scholz’s latest work on the common practices within digital labour and his outline for the future of the digital economy.
Travelling - I really enjoy travelling to new countries, or even new cities, and exploring.
Volunteering - I’ve volunteered with CodeFirst Girls, teaching 27 women HTML, CSS and JavaScript over seven 2 hour sessions between September and November 2017. The aim of the organisation is to try and reduce the unequal ratio of men to women working within the technology industry; something that I think is very important in striving to achieve true diversity within the workplace.
I’ve also volunteered with the City of York Council, working with the Digital City York programme. I spent an hour on Wednesday afternoons helping children aged 7-9 to learn programming through the use of Scratch.

What I do

Team work - I really enjoy team work, bouncing ideas off others and generating new ideas with a diverse group of people. I find that some of the best work I have done has been a result of team work and whether I’m leading or just part of the team, it’s something I think is essential for getting the best results.
Great Web Development - I'm passionate about good web design and like looking at the new material that people are creating. I think it's important to have a good understanding of current designs, so that I can make sure to use good practices.
Simple, elegant designs - I'm a big fan of simple, yet effective designs. I think that these are particularly successful on the web. Ask me what I think about Apple's design guidelines, or Google's Material Design.
User Experience Design - UxD is something that I’m very passionate about and keen to learn more about. I have centred my final year project around User Experience Design as I want to further my knowledge and experience regarding this.